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Shingle Master Roofing
roof shingles expert roof perfection.

At Shingle Master Roofing we know haste makes waste of our time, your time, our reputation and your money.

Where not trying to reinvent roof shingles replacement installation, Just striving to make it better for less long term cost to our customers.

You need our many years of Roof expertise  roof shingles experience working for you. We know slow and steady wins the race and customers.

We do exceptional shingle application for our customers for their dedicated project specifications. We don't make excuses we make results that you can be proud of your roof for many years to come.

We never sacrifice quality for a low price when it comes to our superior benchmark high tech standards with old school quality. We believe nothing is worth doing unless it's worth doing right the first time.

I am Randal Hoover your go to personal supervisor for all your jobsite communications with the best solutions that meets your needs.

At Shingle Master Roofing we tailor our ambitions for your specific needs for the specifications of each of our customers concerns and ambitions. We value every one of our customers respect when we strive to gain their loyalty.
We work to acquire your trust and friendship every step of the way.
All of my employees are treated as part of my family.
We work together like all the fine tuned spokes in a wheel to achieve the best outcome for all our projects for our customers.
We strive to reach the goals and expectations you set forth in our initial meeting about your home.
We never sacrifice superior workmanship or perfected quality materials for a low price.
Our goal is to exceed all your expectation for the Katy roof shingle services that is known to be the only respected Shingle Master Roofing company in Katy, Texas.
 We provide free inspection and free detailed written estimates Call today at 713-628-4511.

We use superior materials in conjunction with professional workmanship resulting in total customer satisfaction like no other companies or contractor when it comes to superb technology services.

My supervisory knowledge ensures that your roof shingles are installed to our strictest  high tech  specification  for long term durability.

I myself clean up the job site all day long as the old shingle materials are immediately loaded on our services trash truck.
I personally watch all my roof roofers inspecting the decking for rotted or water damage decking to ensure they are replaced properly to our highly stringed perfected specifications.
I also watch my highly knowledgeable roofers making repairs to your homes to ensure shingles are nailed properly above the tabs.
I also make sure that everything that needs to be replaced is replaced to ensure it meets our persistent standards of quality workmanship, materials and exception products formulated just for your home by our high tech roofers and myself.
Including replacement and repair.  

Katy roof shingles expert roof shingles installation by our Katy  master roofers setting the new standards the right way. No Excuses! Just Results!    

 You can count on  our roof contractor for looking out for your best interest when it come to your complete and total satisfaction.

I make sure the new ridge vents, plumbing pipe  jacks, air hawk vents, drip edge, water heater and furnace stack are nailed properly at the base flashing and sealed with Henry's lifetime sealant. We spray paint plumbing pipe jacks with Rust-Oleum gray paint to ensure they don't rust and to protect the sealant from UV rays.
 With every roof shingles service our roofers professionals will re-nail your loose gutters and remove any debris from them. 
We drag your lawn and flower beds with a magnetic broom to remove any nails that may have fallen in the lawn or flower beds.
 We use a blower to remove any aggregate from the walks, driveway and patio area's.
We haul off the old materials and trash from your homes property when our replacement is completed in Katy,Texas. Call today at 713-628-4511.


Extraordinary. Accurate. Focused. roof shingles and roof installation.

We prevent future roof shingles roof leaks as well as permanently fixing the current roof leaks permanently.

We comply with all home building building enforcement codes compliance for city, county and state when we professionally replace structural components. When replacing broken or water damaged or termite damaged framing rafter with a number 2 grade of lumber. Which is far stronger than the standard building code guidelines which is less likely to sag over time. We also use the proper size 2" x 8" rafter as well as the length to match the other existing rafter dimensions. ​