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Shingle Master Roofing 
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Katy's roofing contractor best roofing companies that knows every critical aspect of a job done the right way.

With our many years of experience we have set a new industry benchmark for dedication to our customers satisfaction. 

 See why where Katy roofing contractor superior Katy roofing companies specialist.
When it comes to critical aspects of functional attic ventilation system calculations.
While ensuring your roofing shingles longevity.
Avoiding excessive summertime cooling and winter heating cost.

Why should we be your trusted roofing companies professional roofing contractor for all your exceptional expertise roofing  services that goes beyond the industries standards?

It's our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship standards that surpasses our competitor roofing companies capability to deliver our vast knowledge with experience working for you for the best overall results at a reasonable price by the only reliable Katy roofing contractor. 

The most important aspect that is overlooked by my competitors when preforming a roof evaluation is the importance of balanced attic ventilation.
In regards to the devastating  consequences of heat build up in your homes attic in the heat of summer or the lack of heat in your attic during the cold winter months.
Causing water pipes to freeze.
Resulting in water damage to your homes interior and personal possessions.
Why this is so essential is the cooler air enters your attic through your soffit vents which is located in your over hang.
The cooler air makes a draft of air to the peek of your attic across your rafters and decking where the heat from the sun is most prevalent.
Where it pushes the hot air through your ridge vents and air hawk vents acting much like the chimney on your fireplace that drafts the smoke through the chimney to the outside.
The four major factors of proper attic ventilation are.
1.) Not enough attic ventilation causing heat penetration thru your attic insulation into your living area of your home resulting in excessive cooling cost.
2.) Excessive heat build up in your roof shingles causing deterioration of your homes shingles causing curling, cracking and leaks while sacrificing the longevity of your roof resulting in costing you expensive replacement cost.
3.)Too much ventilation in the summer months causes your attic to be too damp during foggy night. Causing mold and mildew to infest your attic working it way into your homes living areas. 
4.) Too much attic ventilation in the winter making your attic too cold making your water pipes acceptable to freezing and breaking under the right conditions. Letting the cold air penetrate thru your insulation and into your homes interior causing expensive heating bills.
We are your most preferred most knowledgeable professional roofing contractor by Katy's most reliable roofing companies.

Veteran roofers perfection in process.

Replacement of your old roof by our highly skilled roofing contractor employees delivering the best installation by our exclusive supreme technicians that work for our companies.
We provide thoroughly meticulous installation services to all our valued customers beyond their wildest expectations.
No Excuses ! Just Results !

Quality, persistence, Knowledge and excellence  at it best in Katy Texas.

We are a roofing contractor that is like a diamond in the rough when it comes to knowing all the critical aspects of your homes  transformation to it's maximum potential for longevity and protection from all the outside elements.
This must be maximized before the initiation of replacement of your shingles is even considered.
Anything less is a waste of your time and money that will cost you more than a new roof in the long term by other roofing companies.

We are Katy's  expert roofing insurance claim specialist roofing companies at your service providing exceptional knowledge and experience.

I will look over your insurance adjusters bid to ensure all damages are included in your insurance claim.
If you have a recovery deductible it will be paid in your final check.
Most people don't realize they will get a second larger check.
Most other fly by night  contractors either don't know or don't bother to tell them.
I have found that half of the customers I see don't know they will get more money so they never had the work done because they did not have the funds to replace their roofing.
Once I informed them they will get a second larger check when a contract is signed and sent to the insurance company.
Then I get hired after I prove to them that everything I say can be backed up with facts. 
That makes all parties involved  very happy.
FOR A FREE INSPECTION, CONSULTATION & DETAILED WRITTEN  FREE ESTIMATE from your most trusted preferred  professionals. Call today at 713-628-4511.

I'm  your on the job site  specialist meticulous supervising  every detail to ensure exceptional perfection all day every day.

My name is Randal Hoover your salesman, estimator and your job sit supervisor watching over everything that is being done by my employees on your home  to ensure nothing is over looked.
I'm at the customers service from the initial consultation through the process of installation to the very finish when we leave your home.
I make sure everything is replaced that needs to be   replaced including decking.
I'm the first person to your home in the morning to make sure all materials are on the job and organized.
I'm the last person to leave your job site at the end of the day to ensure the job site is clean and all work has been performed to my satisfaction and your satisfaction by your roofing contractor best known for roofing at the most prestigious roofing companies 77449. CALL today at 713-628-4511.

Your steadfast roofing contractor with most integrity with proven results that last the test of time.

Our many years of experience is what sets us apart from the rest.
Our main objective is striving to make every jobs workmanship and materials better than the one before.
When is comes to providing exceptional performance by our companies.
We provide the best over all solutions for all your specific needs and expectations.
We have the knowledgeable professional integrity you can trust and count on.
We do it all, we do it better and for less cost to homeowners using the best proven top quality materials and superior products.
Resulting in the best longest lasting enduring longevity results for your homes roofing.
We give an exclusive 7 year workmanship warranty when we do our thoroughly completed faultless  replacement on your home by our roofing contractor of your best roofing companies.
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